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Expert Witness and Single Joint Expert services for the UK Courts and extended legal community from Classic Motorcycle Valuations

Are you a verified Expert Witness?

I am a vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. Find my details in the printed Directory of Expert Witnesses or search online at

What type of cases have you worked on?

Much of my Expert Witness practice is as a Single Joint Expert in the Family Court, but my twenty-year career has encompassed many cases including mis-selling, alleged theft/deception, diminution of value, reputational damage, loss of earnings and more.

I have worked with Trading Standards officers investigating rogue traders in the UK. Previous cases also include work for insurers and motor traders through their legal teams.

Do you undertake work as a Single Joint Expert?

I am regularly instructed as a Single Joint Expert (SJE) to provide valuation reports to the Family Court. All of my Single Joint Expert reports are to Family Procedure Rules (FPR) Part 25 and the associated Practice Directions. I am aware of my duty to the Court at all times.

Do you accept instruction as an Expert Witness in civil and criminal cases?

I am available for instruction as an Expert Advisor preparing pre-case reports, assisting counsel with cross-examination preparation, supporting the mediation/arbitration process or as an Expert Witness in court.

Previous reports include vehicle and salvage valuations, provenance and history research, market trends for the rarest vehicles, research into comparables, disputes over restoration work and repairs, mis-described sale vehicles and more. Case values have been into the millions of pounds.

Expert witness reports and statements conform to Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 35 and can greatly assist the path to a settlement.

Can you provide cost estimates in advance?

I am happy to provide cost estimates ahead of instruction. I charge a sensible hourly rate and mileage in line with Court guidance and expenses at cost.

What other vehicle valuation services do you offer?

I also carry out classic car valuations, inspections and expert reports on market trends and historic valuations. I am a long-standing expert in the field of classic Porsche valuations. Previous reports have covered everything from tractors and vintage commercial vehicles to racing cars and huge American motorhomes.

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