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Classic Motorcycle Valuations provides an efficient, independent classic motorcycle probate valuation service for HMRC purposes and NOVA import valuations for classic motorcycles of any age and condition. Online HMRC NOVA valuations cost £80 each and are returned within five working days of receipt of all information.

It is a pleasure to say that HMRC seems to have established excellent procedures delivering fast turnarounds on NOVA letters after receipt of my valuation reports. A recent client bringing a Yamaha WR250R in from France had his valuation with 24 hours and emailed the following day to say that his NOVA letter had arrived that morning. Less than 48 hours from start to finish is exceptional.

HMRC recommends independent valuations from professional valuers and, despite being online, my valuations for classic motorcycles are accepted by HMRC. Unlike a dealer or auction house, I have no agenda regarding your assets and am discreet and respectful. I provide independent valuations calculated as open market transaction price in presented condition.

Use the form below to order a single online classic motorcycle valuation for HMRC NOVA or probate use. My bespoke valuations are highly detailed and created specifically for your motorcycle. They include:

  • A HPI-style condition check report
  • An overview of current market trends
  • Model-specific notes
  • The subject vehicle and history
  • A look at comparators and prices in context
  • A transaction price for probate purposes (not an asking price)​
  • Post-valuation sales advice

Multiple valuations may be commissioned by email – contact me to discuss. All data is confidential.


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Online Probate Valuation conditions

By submitting this form and using my online motorcycle valuation service, you agree that:

  • No litigation is expected or pending
  • All representations of condition will be full and complete
  • No relevant information will be omitted

My signed valuation will be emailed to you as a PDF document. I can also provide a payment receipt.

All submissions are treated in confidence. Your details are used for valuation purposes only and I fully respect your privacy. Note that I do not see your debit or credit card details. Contact me with any questions.

£ 80
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Probate Explained

Probate is the process of administering the estate of a deceased person, including valuing individual assets for inheritance tax purposes. Some assets are easy to value, e.g. bank accounts, stocks and shares. Other items may require the help of a professional valuer.

HMRC recently made some amendments to its guidance on the valuation of individual items within an estate, announcing a £1,000 increase in the threshold of personal items that are liable for Inheritance Tax. Having previously suggested that professional valuations should be sought for only those individual items with an expected value of more than £500, this threshold has now risen to £1,500.

If executors believe individual items within an estate are likely to be worth more than £1,500, HMRC’s advice is to seek a professional valuation of the relevant items. It is important that insurance valuations are not used for this purpose and that a specialist probate valuation based on the likely open market value is required. HMRC also advise that if the value of a particular item is unknown, it is best to seek a professional probate valuation to be certain of the correct level of value.

HMRC offers some guides to help complete probate forms:

Download HMRC guide to filling in Inheritance Tax Form 205

Download HMRC guide to completing Inheritance Tax Form 400

A sensitive and sympathetic approach to probate valuations

As someone who has been valuing cars and bikes professionally for over thirty years and maintains a significant personal collection of classic cars and motorcycles, I am aware of how difficult it could be for loved ones who do not share my passion to value and dispose of my vintage car and bike collection in the event of my death. I am also mindful that they may not be in the ideal emotional state place to manage this after my passing.

I provide a sympathetic probate valuation service based on decades of experience. A background of regular instruction as an expert witness to UK law courts, with no ulterior motives to obtain or dispose of your assets means you can trust me to get the job done swiftly and with minimum stress.

Email me to discuss or arrange a probate valuation or to get advice on how to value and sell a deceased person’s motorcycle. For larger collections, it may be easier to value in person and the cost should not be prohibitive. Contact me to discuss this.


Thanks John for your excellent reports. I will keep in contact, as we will be selling the bikes when probate has been finalised and I would definitely appreciate your input on this. All the best.

Damien in Sussex, Probate Valuation of Motorcycle Collection

Thanks John for your help on the phone and quick turnaround of the final report for probate. All the best.

Stephen in Derry, Three-bike Online Probate Valuation

John, thank you very much for the report. I am extremely pleased with it and your very helpful advice. Now I have the documentation to move things along and do justice to the bikes and my father. Thanks once again for your hard work and professionalism.

Andy in Birmingham, Motorcycle Probate Valuations and family sale prices



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