Agreed insurance valuations for Classic and vintage Motorcycles

Classic Motorcycle Valuations offers a fast, independent and professional agreed valuation service for classic and vintage motorcycles of any age and condition.

My independent online motorcycle valuations have been used by hundreds of satisfied clients including UK solicitors and Trading Standards.

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My online classic bike insurance valuations are valid for two years and cost £75 each.

Use the form below to order a single classic motorcycle valuation for agreed insurance valuation purposes.

Every valuation I supply is completed by me and in person. My valuations are not compiled automatically and the values are not average for the model. Every valuation is bespoke to your bike. The detailed valuations are five to eight pages long and include:

  • A VDI Provenance Check
  • Current market insights
  • Model-specific history and points of note
  • Details of the subject motorcycle and history
  • A look at market activity and prices in context
  • A bespoke valuation based on your bike's unique features and market appeal

You do not need to be a club member to use my service. Completed valuations are usually returned within three working days. All data is confidential and I do not save or sell your details.

Card payment is handled by Stripe - we do not see your card details.

Agreed Insurance Valuation conditions

By submitting this form and using my online motorcycle valuation service, you agree that:

  • The bike is not currently subject to an insurance claim
  • No litigation is expected or pending
  • All representations of condition will be full and complete
  • No relevant information will be omitted

My signed valuation will be emailed to you as a PDF document. Forward a copy to your insurer, with another copy retained in the history file. Most insurers do not require an in-house condition form when a signed expert valuation is submitted on letterhead.

All submissions are treated in confidence. Your details are used for valuation purposes only and we respect your privacy. Payments are processed by Stripe and I do not see your debit or credit card details. Contact me with any questions.

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John, thanks for your excellent valuation report. It is fantastic and interesting reading all the details it contains and I have learned quite a few new points about my Vespa. I will send your report to HMRC and I hope to get my NOVA reference and VAT liability sorted.

Otto in Hertfordshire, NOVA valuation of rare Vespa Scooter

Hi John. Thank you very much for valuing the bike. It has given me great peace of mind. I appreciate the information and your help.

Mary in Devon, Triumph Tiger insurance valuation

John, thanks very much for all the hard work there. Sorry for the brain melting element, I know how that feels! Very happy with the valuations and will forward them on to the insurer.

Aidan in Edinburgh, Insurance valuations of several modified Harley Davidsons

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